How to convince your team to use promotional products for advertisement and growth

As a startup business, you should be dependable on the efforts and perspective of your team to ensure the growth of your business. However, if you are considering integrating promotional products to your portfolio then, you should have your team on the board for the implementation of the idea.

As a matter of fact, most of the team members would be in favour of the integration; however, there is always a chance that some of the members on your team may not be interested in promotional products. There are advantages to investing in promotional items but, there are also downsides of investing in the promotional merchandise for the growth of your business. You should discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the strategy with your team members to persuade them to give their input on the plan.

Again, you can surprise them with a set of promotional items on their table, and if they are able to use the products on a daily basis then, it could be the right time to pitch in the idea for the promotional product strategy. While, you could be running the show but, you need your team’s perspective on the project, else it wouldn’t be any beneficial for you.

Pull out the statistics and studies on the importance of promotional products, and discuss any real-life successful project with your clients or employees to convince them on the importance of promotional items. Promotional items are the new advertising modes; so you should be able to convince your employees to give their input and ideas for promotional ideas projects. Also, you should gather input from your customers and if you are able to gather positive feedback from them then, it is time for you to invest in promotional items for your business.